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About Voyager Marine

Since 1988, Voyager has been setting the pace among Pontoon Boat builders. Year after year, we’ve focused in on the quality of our Construction and integrated countless Innovations. We’ve built a Nationwide Network of Dealers and lasting relationships with the best suppliers in the industry.

Every Voyager Pontoon boasts the finest Pontoon System ever made. Engineered for greater water displacement, our innovative U-Shaped Pontoon Logs outshine the O-shape by providing Optimum Buoyancy. We start with the best and improve from there.

We have combined Manufacturing Technology with the Art of Handcrafted Detail to create a history of boatbuilding excellence.

All Voyager Pontoons are equipped with plenty of plush amenities and practical conveniences. We offer many different models to meet the many different needs of our Customers. And a Voyager Pontoon has been proven to have a higher resale value, than its competition, when it comes time to upgrade.

Our Philosophy of Continuous Improvement will always keep Voyager on the cutting edge. But there is one thing that will never change...our unparalleled passion for designing, engineering and producing the Ultimate Pontoon.


Voyager Pontoon Boats are designed to fit your lifestyle.  Go ahead, make one YOURS!

Voyage Marine is Celebrating 25 Years!

During the past twenty-five years, Voyager Marine has been committed to producing one of the strongest, most reliable pontoon boats on the market today.   These years have seen changes to the pontoon boat, as we know it,  that are quite impressive and unbelievable.   What used to be a flat barge with a tiny rectangular shape that we called a captain’s helm (because it consisted of a steering wheel!), a captain’s chair,  some lawn chairs and a small outboard motor,  is now something quite extra-ordinary!

Gone are those days!    Very possibly the best value in the boating industry is the pontoon boat.    Luxurious, stylish,  and made for performance, it has become the boat of choice for boating enthusiasts everywhere.   Plush furniture arrangements,  various choices of floor coverings,  lighting options, custom graphics; the list of amenities is endless.    Oh, and of course, that small captain’s helm is now a main feature of the pontoon with full instrumentation, custom stereo packages, hydraulic systems, and a cushy,  comfortable captain’s chair that will make you feel like a true navigator! 

It has always been said that looks are not everything, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.   How very true when selecting a pontoon boat!   Voyager pontoons started with the concept of a solid, built to last, safe construction.  Our pontoons have always been U-shaped for a smoother ride and strong foundation,  closed cell flotation (wouldn’t put my grandkids on one without this flotation!), understructure of heavy duty extruded channel and crossmembers (on 16” centers). We use only the best marine grade flooring, with an option of aluminum extruded flooring. Once you know the superior structure of a Voyager pontoon, you can feel the difference and years later, you will know why you chose a Voyager.   

Through the years, our various models have evolved from our dealers across the country and from customers who are lifelong boaters.  We offer Cruise models, Fishing Models, combination of Fishing and Cruising models – just about any activity you enjoy, we can make a pontoon boat to fit in a price range that will fit, as well!

Although I have been involved in the marine industry since 1971, these twenty-five years at Voyager Marine have been quite a journey.   We have lost some of the original members of our Voyager team over the years, but their legacy lives on in every boat that we build!  It is what’s on the inside that matters and the very heart of Voyager is to  encourage adventures and create memories with family and friends.  We don’t know what today will bring or what tomorrow might hold – don’t waste the opportunity to make the most of it.   We hope you will choose  to live life abundantly in a Voyager!

Sherry Perkins Martin
Voyager Marine

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